5 Upgrades That Pay Off When Selling Your Home

You are getting ready to put your home on the market and you are willing to invest some money to make it more attractive to buyers. That’s an excellent strategy in today’s competitive market, but what are the kinds of upgrades that really pay off in terms of buyer attention?

Focus less on decorative touches and more on safety or structural improvements, suggests Wayne Short, a Realtor from Wichita, Kansas. “Fancy window treatments may dress up your home, but that is not what resonates with buyers,” Short said. “Put your money in projects that improve the home’s value and durability and increase its environmental friendliness.”

Investments that seem to resonate with buyers include:

Structural upgrades, such as granite countertops, new flooring, or energy efficient windows fill the bill on all three counts: added value and durability as well as a boost for the environment.

Security features such as new fencing and the addition of an alarm system or intercom system are upgrades that today’s buyers view as important perks.

First-look upgrades which improve the home’s curb appeal are a definite invitation to buyers. Planting a flower bed, installing a new front door or updating the walkway with brick or pavers-even adding a new set of attractive house numbers-can make a significant difference.

Routine maintenance ensures that your home is always ready to be shown. Be sure the lawns and shrubs are watered and tidy, garage doors are closed, front door is clean and dust-free and bicycles and toys are out of sight.

If decorative indoor upgrades are important to you, invest in a portable kitchen island, a well-placed silk tree or two, or new comforters, towels and other accessories to dress up bedrooms and bathrooms.

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