New Financial Rules for a New Economy

If there is one thing that the financial crisis has taught us, it’s that we can no longer afford to think about our personal finances as we did in the bubbly pre-recession days. In today’s economy, there are new financial realities that every consumer must understand.

Eleanor Blayney, a seasoned CFP practitioner for Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards, Inc. offers consumers nine personal finance strategies to help them plan for what’s ahead.

1. Put your own financial interests first, and work with an advisor you can trust.

2. Use a multi-prong approach; investing by itself will not get you where you want to be. Spending, saving, and budgeting all play equal parts in building wealth.

3. Think of yourself as an asset; investing in yourself can yield returns far greater than other investments.

4. Learn the difference between good debt and bad debt.

5. Get smart about the pros and cons of home ownership.

6. Know that it’s no longer about retirement; it’s about reinventing yourself for the last third of your life.

7. Get your kids involved in family financial planning. Now is the time to talk to your kids about finances.

8. Do not sacrifice your financial well-being for your children.

9. Become financially literate. Commit to learning all that you can.

“As you consider your personal finances and prepare and respond to the new economic situation, remember you’re not alone,” says Blayney.

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